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  • Content and Digital Marketing Specialist / Manager
    Content and Digital Marketing Specialist / Manager

    Referrer Reward: HKD 3,000

    Reward Condition: Hired

    Hong Kong

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Content and Digital Marketing Specialist / Manager - JobsRnR

Hong Kong

30 November, 2018

Monthly Salary

HKD 20,000 - 30,000

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JobsRnR is looking for a Content and Digital Marketing Manager to take the lead in marketing our referral-based jobs platform. At JobsRnR, we strongly believe that peer-to-peer referrals represent the strongest form of endorsement. The Candidate will be in a position to make key decisions regarding all content pertaining to JobsRnR, with the primary goal of increasing traffic and profile. What You'll Be Doing • Establish and execute content and digital marketing strategies for the platform • Develop and generate content through various marketing channels such as through EDM, Blogs, Social Media and our website • Monitor SEO performance and make strategic recommendations • Establish overall backlink strategy and execute it • Establish overall SEM strategy and execute it • Write, edit and publish content, and/or supervise content pipeline • Coordinate the execution of the above with vendors and team members What We Expect From You • Bilingual: Native or close to native proficiency in English and Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) • Experienced with Content Generation: You have experience generating content that draws traffic. You're able to identify and appreciate good content when you see it. • Technical Knowledge: You have a functional knowledge of SEO technicalities and SEM strategy or tactics. You understand how website structures impact SEO performance. • Team Player: You have a track record of working well with and managing stakeholders. Length of experience isn't important - Confidence and demonstrable performance matters most.

About the Company

JobsRnR was founded on the simple belief that peer-to-peer referrals represent the strongest form of endorsement. Our goal is to connect employers with qualified and talented job seekers, at lower costs and with greater efficiency.

Reward Condition
Referrer Reward
HKD 3,000

Recruitment+ Referral

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