流動程式架構師 - eleme


Shanghai, China

30 November, 2018

Monthly Salary

HKD 35,000 - 45,000

Career Level


Years Experience


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主要職責: - 負責性能調優,高穩定性,項目重點、難點的技術攻堅和研究,負責發現並改進現有軟件的架構以及實現缺陷; - 帶領並指導同類開發工程師/程序員進行代碼開發、質量保證等工作; - 研究探索前沿技術,改進工具鏈,抽象設計並撰寫通用中間件,提高軟件可用性,提高開發效率,降低維護成本等; - 負責創新項目推進。 職位要求: - 大學本科及以上學位畢業; - 精通Android或iOS平台開發,熟悉開發工具和相關開發測試工具使用; - 學習能力強,有創造性思維能力; - 有較強分析和解決問題的能力; - 有較強邏輯思維能力和表達能力; - 具有良好的工作主動性:主動發現問題,主動解決問題,主動協助解決問題,主動預測風險; - 有“代碼潔癖”,善於從滿是坑的前任代碼中理出頭緒,然後迅速動刀解決; - 有自己的Github賬號,有開源項目或者為某開源項目做出貢獻者優先; - 熟悉跨平台技術方案者優先。

About the Company

Eleme is the local life platform created in mainland China in 2008. It is mainly engaged in online take-out, new retail, instant delivery and catering supply chain. At the annual meeting in 2017, it was announced that the founder Zhang Xuhao will be the next 9 years. The big strategy of being hungry will be “Make Everything 30min”, which will focus on creating the world's leading local life platform with innovative technology. As of June 2017, the online take-out platform covered 2,000 cities across the country, with 1.3 million restaurants and 260 million users. At the same time as the performance continues to grow at a high rate, the company employs more than 15,000 people. As of July 2017, the total amount of financing has reached 2.34 billion US dollars. The investors include Alibaba, Ant Financial, CITIC Industry Fund, Chinese Cultural Industry Fund and Sequoia Capital and other world-class enterprises and investment institutions.

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Referrer Reward
HKD 15,000

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