Information System Administrator
Little Beijing Chinese Education Centre

Information System Administrator - Little Beijing Chinese Education Centre


Hong Kong

6 November, 2018



Monthly Salary

HKD 18,000 - 30,000

Career Level

Entry level

Years Experience


Employment Type



Responsibilities: 1. Organize and update the information system for Education Center and maintain the normal operation of the system; 2. Manage and update the website of Education Center; 3. Other work related to IT. Requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, and major in computer science, software engineering, information management or other related; 2. More than two years of experience in information construction management or experience in system implementation, development, operation or maintenance. And experience in the design, construction and management of information systems for the industry of education and training is very preferred; 3. Strong abilities of demand analysis, requirement management and information planning; 4. Highly responsible, with strong communication, coordination and teamwork skills; 5. Strong abilities of written organization, logical thinking and learning.

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Referrer Reward
HKD 9,000

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