Lalamove (mainland China)

數據策略師 - Lalamove (mainland China)


Shenzhen, China

6 June, 2019

Monthly Salary

RMB 40,000 - 80,000

Career Level

Entry level

Years Experience


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主要職責: - 負責全國線下業務的策略分析及相關數據方向的規劃及設計工作; - 獨立推動業務埋點,通過數據通過數據模型,產出智能化的策略,推動業績指標增長; - 通過數據分析識別問題,挖掘規律,建立策略評價體系,提出改善建議,推動策略優化; - 負責市場研究項目的數據統計分析; - 參與數據挖掘模型的設計和實現; - 利用自動化工具批量製作數據分析報告。 職位要求: - 5年以上數據分析經驗,具備專業的數據挖掘能力,熟練使用各種統計軟件(Quantum、SPSS等); - 取得大學本科學士或以上學位,數學、計算機或統計學相關專業畢業; - 懂業務流程,懂數據分析; - 有研究公司數據分析經歷者優先。

About the Company

Lalamove, the business direction is positioned as the same city instant vehicle freight, intended to integrate social transportation resources, build a fast, affordable, secure, professional city freight forwarding platform. Through the cargo pull platform, the cargo owner can quickly match the nearby truck resources and obtain high-quality freight services at low prices; the majority of truck drivers can also quickly pick up customer demand by means of cargo pulls, greatly improving the utilization efficiency of trucks, and thus gaining more Rich income return. The company originated from Hong Kong and entered mainland China in 2014 (the overseas version is Lalamove). It is now operated by Shenzhen Carat Technology Co., Ltd. in mainland China. Since landing in mainland China, it has been adhering to the business philosophy of “Hong Kong-style management, smart place”, with “star driver priority pairing, rapid response within 10 seconds, reaching the car point within 10 minutes, customer service hotline is always on standby” Service purpose, to achieve full-closed service process such as truck dispatch, in-transit transport, receipt confirmation, and fee settlement.

Reward Condition
Referrer Reward
HKD 20,000
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