高級NLP算法工程師 - OPPO


Shenzhen, China

21 May, 2019

Monthly Salary

RMB 25,000 - 50,000

Career Level

Entry level

Years Experience


Employment Type



主要職責: - 搜索query處理,包括意圖識別、query改寫、分詞、同義詞、實體提取、緊密度、Term重要度等; - 與query處理對等的文章內容理解; - query及文章的語義表示; - 基於NLP的語義匹配在搜索排序中的應用。 職位要求: - 獲得大學本科學士及以上學位; - 3年以上NLP經驗,編程基礎紮實,熟悉C++,熟悉常用的算法和數據結構; - 熟悉Linux操作系統開發環境; - 熟悉常用腳本語言:python、awk、perl等; - 擅長自然語言處理、機器學習、深度學習等方向者優先; - 有大規模分佈式計算平台使用經驗者優先; - 有實際搜索研發經驗者優先。

About the Company

OPPO launched the first mobile phone, the Smile Phone, in 2008, which marks the beginning of a journey to explore and pioneer extraordinary technology. Today, OPPO brings the aesthetics of technology to global consumers through smart devices, ColorOS, and Internet services like OPPO Cloud and OPPO+. We have presences in over 40 countries and regions and have set up 6 research institutes and 4 R&D centers, also established a global design center in London. There are over 40,000 OPPO employees make their efforts to create beautiful life for people.

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Referrer Reward
HKD 12,500
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