Frequently Asked Questions


We believe strongly in the power of Networking and Peer References. By combining our experience in Headhunting, JobsRnR can deliver you qualified Candidates that match the needs of your Company, with greater accuracy and at lower costs.

Once we receive a referral, our Specialists will screen each Candidate to ensure that they are suited for the Job. Our Specialists will also speak to the Referrer to gain a better understanding of the Candidate.

You pay only on success. Currently there are two success conditions: 1. Hired, or 2. 1st Interview Completed. For more information regarding pricing, please contact us at


Anyone can be a Referrer on JobsRnR.

Start by browsing for Jobs. If you find a Job in which you think your friend is suited for, just click the Refer button!

You may track the status of your Referrals in the Dashboard.

A Candidate can only be referred by one Referrer for a Job.

You can track the status of your Referrals through the Dashboard.

Yes - there is no limit to the number of people you may refer for a Job.

Yes, as long as the Candidate meets the Job requirements.

We only support Bank Account deposits / transfers at the moment.

Once the Application has achieved the Reward Condition, our Specialists will follow up with the Employer. We credit your account as soon as we receive payment from the Employer.

You can withdraw your rewards from the Dashboard. Our Specialists will contact you to verify and authenticate some details. After the verification, the requested amount will be transferred to your bank account.


You can track the progress of your Application via the Dashboard.

Yes - you can cancel your Job Application anytime by contacting us.