About JobsRnR

Let Friends Reward You
Start Referring Now!

We are JobsRnR, a startup team under a licensed recruitment agency company, Great Union Human Capital Limited.

In this age of the “sharing economy”, we believe that even one’s network can be shared. Why not refer a friend to a better job, help an employer find better talent and get a reward in the process? That is the central concept of JobsRnR – the first rewards based job referral platform in Hong Kong.

To all potential referrers, we are your pathway to cash rewards and grateful friends. Registration is free, referring is simple and the rewards are very attractive.

To all potential hirers, we are your recruitment and network extension platform all rolled-into one. Hiring is hassle free and the extent of talent available is manifold that of a traditional job board as we help you tap into the shared network of referrers.

We are more than a digital platform. We will be supplementing our digital services with offline support at the same time, drawing on the vast experience of our recruitment specialists to help employer better pin-point choice talents. And we have already began the process of incorporating the latest machine learning technology into our talent evaluation process so as to provide talents that fit employer requirements more accurately.

We firmly believe this is the future to recruitment and referrals. Join us now for a better future for you, your friends or your company.